Life Coaching and 

Energy Healings

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Empowering you to great health & well-being

For as long as I can remember, I have been Clairsentient, picking up on people's energies. When someone walks into a room, I can read them and the energy of those around them. 


Combining this ability with my years of business coaching and experience, I am able to help make sense of how you are feeling, identify your personal goals in life and help you get there. 


I will teach you how to let go of toxic energy and negative experiences so you can come into your true self, fall in love with the person you are and achieve the goals you want to in life.


If you let go of what's not serving you, you can emerge as the person you truly want to be and achieve the kind of life you have dreamed of.


I will teach and inspire you to be the boss of your own life!

I also offer Energy healing sessions and readings, guiding and thus empowering you to heal yourself of recurring ailments.


Whether you suffer from frequent headaches, backache or other structural ailments, fatigue, depression, explosive anger or more, I will guide you to find the reason behind the nagging pain and discomfort.


My Energy Healing sessions are powerful, and will stay with you long afterwards. I am putting the power into your hands by guiding you to get to know your own body and teach how negative emotions can impact your well-being and release them when you need. 

Click here to book either a Life Coaching Session or an Energy healing or reading.